giovedì 31 marzo 2016


Hello dolls! Eccoci con una nuova review, e questa volta ho un bel po’ di prodotti interessanti di cui parlarvi!

Se mi seguite su Facebook avrete visto che un po' di tempo fa ho postato la foto di una mia haul di Biofficina Toscana e vi avevo chiesto di cosa vi avrebbe fatto piacere leggere la review: molte di voi mi hanno chiesto di recensire i prodotti per i capelli e per lo styling, e così ho pensato di riunire in un unico post tutta questa grande famiglia e parlarvi nel dettaglio di ciascuna di essa. 
Quando si tratta di capelli, infatti, mi piace utilizzare una linea completa piuttosto che utilizzare uno shampoo di una marca e un balsamo di un’altra: credo che questo massimizzi gli effetti di ciò che utilizziamo, proprio perché ogni singolo elemento è studiato e creato apposta per lavorare in sinergia con gli altri.

Per chi non lo conoscesse, Biofficina Toscana è un marchio 100% italiano a km0 e completamente biologico: tutti i prodotti che menzionerò sono infatti a base di materie prime bio toscane, il che mi rende molto felice perché è bello sapere che ci sono marchi giovani e soprattutto italiani così validi. Inoltre, ciascuno di essi contiene lo speciale complesso Uviox-Oleox che protegge il capello sia da agenti atmosferici come sole e salsedine sia da  agenti chimici dannosi come smog, cloro, phon e piastra , non sono testati sugli animali, sono certificati vegani e nickel-free. 
Insomma, sono talmente buoni sotto tutti i punti di vista che farebbero concorrenza a Babbo Natale :D

domenica 20 marzo 2016



I'm in the mood for romance. In the mood for forgotten dreams that play hide-and-seek in crystal candy containers that smell of meringue, in the mood for watercolor skies and scented flowers.
I'm in the mood for sweet words colored like macarons, delicate arabesques of pink and blue, a pale March sun that gently reveals those dreams as it does with the snowdrops. 

Maybe it's because today is the first day of Spring and the prelude to Easter - which both symbolize a rebirth, a new life, the desire for beauty, bloom and love.

In this post I wanted to celebrate the colors of the year Rose Quartz and Serenity in my own way, in a sort of Wonderland that I have recreated in the beautiful gardena of Villa Wenner.

An afternoon tea and a bon-ton outfit on the romantic/Victorian trend that you've seen in my last post: I chose a white shirt with jabots and flared sleeves, to go with my light blue lace skirt (bought on Newchic), silver glitter slingbacks with kitten heels and pastel bag. Of course I could not forget about accessories, which I kept very minimal to make this look feel simple and sophisticated: rose gold earrings and powdery pink retro sunglasses with smoky lenses.

sabato 19 marzo 2016



Spring is just around the corner, and with it it grows the desire to carve out new moments of air and sun, new colors and new shapes, bouquet of colorful flowers and sweet scents. Fashion changes with seasons, and that's why I thought I would review and summarize with you the trends of the moment: from the 90s slip dresses to total denim looks, from the coolest prints to 2.0 Oxfords, here is a recap directly from the most important Fashion Week catwalks to begin thinking and creating your Spring outfits.

As I always say, the trends help us to get inspiration and not to buy things we don't need, but it may be an interesting starting point to experience, enjoy and integrate some stylish piece or even a simple accessory to our wardrobe
Let me know which of these trends you like the most and you are going to try! I'm curious to know what you will wear this Spring :)

giovedì 10 marzo 2016



Shopping in New York is an extraordinary experience. It really is the city where you can find EVERYTHING! Think of one thing, the most absurd that comes to mind and you will never find in a shop in your town: in New York you'll find it! 
In the Big Apple you can find the superheroes shop (where you can buy capes and X-ray goggles) to that that only sells buttons (modern, vintage but also hand-painted). There is the enchants emporium where you can play the young witch role or that dollhouse for the most romantics. There are upside shops, stairs made of candy, incredible handmade jewelry and an entire building dedicated to the Lego of all types; from luxury brands to emerging designers, from second-hand boutiques and charity shops tovintage for all tastes and budgets, from department stores that have the extension of an entire country to buildings that house 5 floors of just shoes (hello, Designer Shoes Warehouse!), it is really worth to reserve at least two days for shopping when visiting the city: you will return home full of wonders, even spending ludicrous!

In this second part of my guide to New York I decided to talk you through the boutiques and nice little shops that I found in the Big Apple (with particular attention to the vintage, because, well, you know me). 
Let me know what you think of this guide and if you have visited one of these stores - or if there are others that are worth visiting and you want to suggest me!

domenica 6 marzo 2016


I hate February. I don't know if I'd ever told you that, but it is absolutely the month that I hate the most. There is no particular reason, but everytime during this period of the year I feel sick, nervous, and meteoropathic and I fell into a sort of hibernation waiting for Spring. There's an adage where I live that says that "February is bitter and short" and this proverb really sums up my feeling about it!

Finally this month is over and as always I am here to tell you about the products I've used and loved most in this period ! I am very pleased to share with you these posts - which are among the most read and appreciated my blog - so that we can also exchange opinions and suggestions about the products on the market!

Odio Febbraio. Non so se ve l’avevo mai detto, ma è in assoluto il mese che detesto di più. Non c’è un motivo in particolare, ma è un periodo in cui sto sempre male, sono nervosa, meteoropatica e vado in una sorta di letargo in attesa della primavera. “Febbrar curt e amar” si dice dalle mie parti, e mai come per me questo proverbio è azzeccatissimo!

Finalmente questo mese è finito e come sempre sono qui a parlarvi dei prodotti che ho utilizzato ed amato di più in questo periodo! Mi fa molto piacere condividere con voi questi post che sono tra i più letti ed apprezzati del mio blog, e scambiare con voi opinioni e pareri sui prodotti che ci sono in commercio!