mercoledì 24 febbraio 2016



Era da tempo che non vi facevo una recensione cosmeticosa: amo tantissimo questi tipo di post perché trovo siano molto utili ed io in primis vado a cercare recensioni sul web prima di comprare un prodotto, quindi fatemi sapere qui sotto se anche a voi piacciono e quali prodotti vorreste recensissi prossimamente!

Oggi sono qui per parlarvi di un prodotto nuovissimo appena uscito in Italia e di cui tutte le youtuber americane stanno parlando in questo periodo! Se mi seguite su Snapchat (@EnrieScielzo) saprete già di cosa sto parlando: il correttore Ultra HD di Makeup Forever.

Makeup Forever è un brand che ho sempre amato molto, soprattutto perché mi ha sempre affascinato la sua storia: il brand è stato infatti fondato da Dany Sanz nel lontano 1984 e nasce come trucco pensato per il teatro – ed è per questo ch il colore e le texture sono i punti di forza di questa linea. Inoltre, Dany Sanz ha anche fondato la prima accademia di trucco in Europa negli anni 70, ed è per questo che la reputo una delle personalità più interessanti ed innovative nel mondo del beauty.

domenica 14 febbraio 2016



What do men want?

I often wonder it - when I talk to them, when I meet them, when I see them turning their to look at a girl on the street, when I read their status on Facebook; psychology has always fascinated me, and I find that the masculine one is even more intriguing because I find it has primordiality, a linearity and a simplicity unrelated to that of a woman.

I think I know men well enough, I can sense their desires, their wishes and their thoughts easily enough, but sometimes they still floor me: why do they share photos of Kim Kardashian and Rihanna on social media and then get engaged to Great Mouse Detective's cousin? Why you seem at the club dancing like a a savage tribe around the Barbies and then on the street they're hand in hand with Plain Jane? What is the difference between what turns a man on and what seduces him? 
Let's be honest: to transform men into swine you don't need Circe the enchantress; but to make them fall in love, that's another story.

And then, women - that lovely multicolored mess that abundantly populate our world. I happen to see some girls on the street dressed like peep show performers, with the length of their skirts inversely proportional to those of their extensions, fluorescent earrings matching the plateaux, minidresses which aren't "see-through" but just "see" and I wonder: do them men really like this stuff?

So I took inspirationg from a famous film asking myself: "What do men really want"? And then, instead of puzzling and looking for a pseudo-philosophical answer, I decided to ask directly to them: because if understand women is not easy, to guess what goes on in the head of a boy is just as challenging.

In this post I wanted to put aside the feminism and - just for fun and curiosity - I interviewed 100 men asking them what are the things they love most on a woman and which ones can not stand. 
And the results may surprise you.

Here you are the 5 things that men love (and those who hate) to see worn by women.


5.  SLUTTY DRESSES/ vestitini volgari

Dislike. I do, they do, you (hopefully) do too. The ideal woman is not wearing dresses that are too short or with very deep necklines. Flashy prints are banished as well, jult like very bright colors or too many colors together , cartoon characters and asymmetrical cuts that distract from the shapes. 
Basically, keep it short and simple - but not THAT short.

Non ci piacciono. Né a me, né a loro, né (spero) a voi. La donna ideale non indossa vestitini troppo corti o con scollature troppo profonde.
Bandite anche stampe troppo appariscenti, colori vistosi o troppi colori insieme, personaggi dei fumetti e tagli asimmetrici che distolgono dalle forme. Se proprio non potete desistere, riservateli ad un’uscita con le amiche, ma non per una cena a lume di candela.

venerdì 12 febbraio 2016


There's nothing quite like New York
I know the world is full of wonderful places, beautiful spots and breathtaking views: monuments,squares, glaciers and savannahs, ancient ruins to explore, luxurious beachesand mountains to climb; but the charm, the magic, the frenzy and the colors of the Big Apple can not compare to anything else.

The lights of the billions of windows that stand out in the sky, the colorful neon lights and the shops that illuminate the crowded sidewalks, the reverential quiet that you breathe deeply in the endless parks opposed to the chaos of the city, the stories, the cultures, the languages, the religions that are woven into a polyphonic chant to life are an extraordinary spectacle to attend to.

"A concrete jungle where dreams are made", as they poetically described it Jay Z and Alicia Keys in their "Empire State of Mind". Because, yes, New York is a way of thinking.

On the occasion of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I decided to draw for you my personal guide to New York City: the places I like the most, the best restaurants, the places you can not miss and the prettiest shops in the city! 
I tried to go astray from the more touristic venues that you can find in whatever guide or website, to show you a different perspective of New York and its hidden gems.

I hope this brief summary of my experience will be useful, and if you have other places to recommend please let me know in the comments below!

venerdì 5 febbraio 2016


Hello dolls!

Here we are with the appointment with my favorites of the month!

January was a very long and heavy month, and I honestly could not wait for it to end! The beginning of 2016 was not the best, but we made it until February and I must say I spent a wonderful weekend with my cousins ​​in Rome (on the occasion of Altaroma Altamoda) and I finally started a face laser to get rid of my beard! My face is quite a mess now to be honest, but in spite of that I am so happy because for me it is the first step towards a long and coveted trip, and I wish I can talk to you about this experience in my blog as soon as possible to share with you the greatest adventure of my life .

I'm going to face a complicated and difficult time from now on, but I hope you will continue to follow me and support me as always here on the blog and on my social channels Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest
Remember that every Monday it's #MovieMonday on Facebook with the most beautiful clothes in films, and on Friday there's #FashionFlashback dedicated to the characters and moments that have marked the history of fashion. On Saturday, instead, on my Instagram profile you will find my most beautiful shoes with the hashtag #SaturdayNightShoes!

Also, I'm experimenting with new graphics and designs for the blog, so let me know how much do you like these new beauty favorites :)