venerdì 27 novembre 2015



We all love saving some money. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are the perfect occasion to start buying Christmas present or that particular product we’ve always wanted but it was too expensive.
I have collected the best deals I have found on the web for fashion and beauty items, so you just need to click on what you like the most to have a happy, discounted shopping :)

P.S.: If you know any other good promotion that is missing in the list, please leave it in the comments below so the other reader will notice! Thank you!

mercoledì 25 novembre 2015


Who ever said that you cannot judge a book by its cover? Clothes are a great business card when we introduce ourselves to someone: the colors, the cuts, the shape, the fabrics, their state are all elements that deliver a message, and we can learn how to convey it the right way .

A job interview it’s very much like a first date: we want to make a good impression, we want to please, look at our best in the hope of a long-term relationship. Although it will be your skills, your resume and your preparation to be valued, dressing the proper way for the occasion could really make the difference and be a positive bonus in your valuation.

If you have spent your summer sending resumes at full blast between a Mojito and the other - and have finally received the fateful call for a job interview -  here is some advice to respond quickly and effectively to the first question that will arise in front of: "What shall I wear?"

venerdì 20 novembre 2015



Did you ever see – while watching TV or flipping through the pages of a newspaper - an ad for a face cream that seems to meet all your needs? Moisturizing. Smoothing. Revitalizing. Soothing. Anti wrinkle. 
How many times we find ourselves thinking "Wow, that's the cream made for me?" and how often, then, we buy these creams and they no longer seem so miraculous as they seemed?

Well, now with Hekatè we can all have just the cream that we always wished for - one that is just tailor-made for us!

Hekatè is the first company in the world to create face creams in which are the customers themselves to choose the ingredients, the functions, the actives, extracts and even the fragrance in order to formulate a product that is suitable for our skin type and needs, and this is why they need all our support to radically change the paradigm of cosmetics. Moreover, the fact that behind this project there are young guys like us makes me even more proud to be able to present an asbolute preview of this initiative which I firmly believe in!

lunedì 16 novembre 2015



Bye bye granny hair! Say goodbye to gray and silvery locks: the new hair trend for Winter 2015-16 comes again from Instagram, and is sweeping the web.

It's called #glitterroots and it is the phenomenon everybody’s raving about on the web.  Basically, it consists in decorating and embellish the hair with colored, shimmering glitters and stars applied to the roots, to give a touch of glamour and some sparkle to our hairdos.

The styling  is simple but very effective: you just need some wax or gel mixed with your favorite glitter to completely transform the classic parting at the side or vamp up pigtails, ponytails and braids giving them their time to shine. The trend is somehow in between the intergalactic and the Japanese anime, but is also terribly chic in its most minimal form – plus it makes the perfect idea for a Christmas party or New Year's Eve!

lunedì 9 novembre 2015



Hello dolls!
Do you remember the video that I posted on Instagram using the Makeup EraserIn recent months a lot of you guys asked me about it, and after presenting it it to you in my October favorites I am here today to provide a comprehensive review and give you my opinions about!

For those not familiar to this object, this is a kind of magic cloth made of a special polyester that - with the addition of water - can completely remove makeup. No kidding: say goodbye to cotton pads, wipes, milk cleansers, cleansing balms and coconut oil! With Makeup Eraser you just need some lukewarm water - et voilà - you're done.

The way the Makeup Eraser acts is unknown to all: the product is certified to contain no chemicals - so it is the almost inexplicable the way it can remove makup so efficiently using only water. Is that advanced technology? Some physics we never heard of? Witchcraft? We don't know it, but we do know is that this pink stuff WORKS! Honestly I was a bit 'skeptical at first, but after trying it (and here you cansee it in action on my face) I was amazed by the way this cloth is able to remove makeup with such ease.

sabato 7 novembre 2015



I don't know about you, but being always out and about in recent years I have developed the habit of always carrying around a small sanitizer with me. 
I started this while I was living in London, when I had to take public transport all the time and I found myself leaning everytime on handrails and handholds of the subway - which were touched every day by thousands of people.
If you think about it, every day our hands come into contact with dirty surfaces and objects: one of all, money - I really can't stand that metallic smell on my hands - but even when we are in the shops and we pick up a hanger, when we rest on a bench or at the counter of a bar, when we work on a computer keyboard or when we shake hands with so many people. 
Hands are our business card that introduces us the world and to the world before anything else, and that is why I want to have them always neat, tidy and above all clean.

Kub2go is just the right product for me: it is a beautiful handbag sanitizer, is available in many colors and fragrances and is a liquid spray far away from the usual gels we're used to, that makes our hands feel sticky and smell like hospital: it only takes a few splashes to get perfectly sanitized and good smelling hands, and is convenient to carry around when we don't have the opportunity to wash our hands before eating a slice of pizza or an ice cream.

mercoledì 4 novembre 2015



Oops...I did it again! 

This month I've buying some more new products, the coolest ones, the most most talked-about and I put them to the test for you to see if they are really worth the hype and buzz or not ! I know many of you are particularly fond of these posts and there is even those who write everything down and then send me messages to tell me how they loved this or that product that I recommended, and I am very much pleased to be helpful with my "tips for shopping"!

So here it is, my beauty favorites for the month of October!