venerdì 12 febbraio 2016


There's nothing quite like New York
I know the world is full of wonderful places, beautiful spots and breathtaking views: monuments,squares, glaciers and savannahs, ancient ruins to explore, luxurious beachesand mountains to climb; but the charm, the magic, the frenzy and the colors of the Big Apple can not compare to anything else.

The lights of the billions of windows that stand out in the sky, the colorful neon lights and the shops that illuminate the crowded sidewalks, the reverential quiet that you breathe deeply in the endless parks opposed to the chaos of the city, the stories, the cultures, the languages, the religions that are woven into a polyphonic chant to life are an extraordinary spectacle to attend to.

"A concrete jungle where dreams are made", as they poetically described it Jay Z and Alicia Keys in their "Empire State of Mind". Because, yes, New York is a way of thinking.

On the occasion of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I decided to draw for you my personal guide to New York City: the places I like the most, the best restaurants, the places you can not miss and the prettiest shops in the city! 
I tried to go astray from the more touristic venues that you can find in whatever guide or website, to show you a different perspective of New York and its hidden gems.

I hope this brief summary of my experience will be useful, and if you have other places to recommend please let me know in the comments below!
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venerdì 5 febbraio 2016



Hello dolls!

Here we are with the appointment with my favorites of the month!

January was a very long and heavy month, and I honestly could not wait for it to end! The beginning of 2016 was not the best, but we made it until February and I must say I spent a wonderful weekend with my cousins ​​in Rome (on the occasion of Altaroma Altamoda) and I finally started a face laser to get rid of my beard! My face is quite a mess now to be honest, but in spite of that I am so happy because for me it is the first step towards a long and coveted trip, and I wish I can talk to you about this experience in my blog as soon as possible to share with you the greatest adventure of my life .

I'm going to face a complicated and difficult time from now on, but I hope you will continue to follow me and support me as always here on the blog and on my social channels Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest
Remember that every Monday it's #MovieMonday on Facebook with the most beautiful clothes in films, and on Friday there's #FashionFlashback dedicated to the characters and moments that have marked the history of fashion. On Saturday, instead, on my Instagram profile you will find my most beautiful shoes with the hashtag #SaturdayNightShoes!

Also, I'm experimenting with new graphics and designs for the blog, so let me know how much do you like these new beauty favorites :)

domenica 24 gennaio 2016



Negli ultimi anni il mondo del makeup ha registrato un vero e proprio picco di diffusione e popolarità: il trucco è diventato mai come ora uno status symbol, oggetto di lusso e desiderio, spesso veri e propri item da collezionisti, e sono tantissime le aziende che si sono immesse sul mercato proponendo prodotti innovativi e allettanti per tutte le beauty addict del mondo. 
Con così tanti brand in giro, è difficile barcamenarsi tra le infinite proposte di cosmetici, così ho pensato fosse carino parlarvi dei miei marchi preferiti e darvi una panoramica generale dei loro prodotti e darvi le mie opinioni in merito: credo sia un ottimo metodo per  segnalarvi quei prodotti (magari anche molto costosi) che reputo validi e quali no, visto che spesso non abbiamo occasioni di provarli come vorremmo prima di procedere all’acquisto.
Fatemi sapere se questo tipo di post vi piace e vi risulta utile, e quali sono i prossimi marchi di cui vorreste che vi parlassi in queste pagine.

Per la mia prima overview ho deciso di parlarvi di uno dei miei brand preferiti – Hourglass Cosmetics - che la maggior parte di voi conoscerà per le loro ciprie tanto osannate da tutte le blogger e youtuber del pianeta.

domenica 10 gennaio 2016



Walking barefoot around the house
A cup of hot tea with honey. 
An immaculate white sweater. 
The hair pulled up in a hurry with a pencil. 
A sweet puppy that fawns on and jumps all over you. 
A house that smells like freshly baked cookies.

Waking up early in the morning is often drama, but sometimes it is a real luxury. Taking time for yourself while the rest of the world is still asleep - when it is no longer night but it is not day yet – what could ever compare to that moment of absolute stillness and peace?

There are so many things that make me happy every day, and that is why I like to start every day to the fullest!

In this post I want to talk you about my winter breakfast, and those foods that I prefer the most during this season: of course I do not eat all these things together every day, but I like to alternate them and integrate them in my diet because they give us enough energy to deal with the busy schedule - work, family, friends, and of course shopping - and keep our body healthy and beautiful thanks to amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

mercoledì 30 dicembre 2015



Hello dolls!

Come state? Come sono andate queste feste?

Io come al solito in questo periodo sono sempre super indaffarata e non mi faccio mai mancare una grande influenza, ma ci tenevo a scrivervi questo post di fine anno sui miei preferiti del 2015!
Ebbene sì: invece di parlarvi dei prodotti che ho più amato nell’ultimo periodo, ho deciso di raccogliere in un unico post tutti quelli che - nel corso di quest’anno - sono diventati veri e propri capisaldi della mia beauty routine, quelli che utilizzo praticamente ogni giorno e continuo a comprare e ricomprare ogni volta che finiscono!

Spero che questo post via sia utile se siete alla ricerca di prodottini nuovi che io valuto ottimi e come sempre aspetto i vostri commenti qui sotto: fatemi sapere se li avete provati, come vi siete trovati e se avete altri preferiti e “must have” che vi porterete nel 2016!